Industrial Romance Inspiration Shoot by Zlata Modeen Photography

24 May

Where do you start when searching for inspiration for your wedding?  You can pull inspiration from objects around you that you adore.   This inspiration shoot by Zlata Modeen Photography is a great example of that concept.  The styler and coordinator of this photoshoot, Carly of Girl Friday, found inspiration in her favorite black and cream taper candles and The Vintage Type’s warehouse location.  All the elements from the unique umbrella chandelier to the pretty flowers in a soft color palette to the contrasting black and white details came together beautifully for this industrial romance wedding inspiration shoot.unique umbrella chandelier white pink yellow romantic wedding bouquet anemone rose gray black white yellow wedding invitation polka dot black white gray gold glam wedding attire black ruffle glam bridesmaid dresses personalized wedding chair sign ribbon bow green black white rustic wedding boutonniere industrial romance wedding inspiration shoot romantic industrial warehouse urban wedding creative umbrella chandelier wedding decor industrial modern umbrella chandelier modern vintage romantic wedding flowers decor pink yellow black white romantic wedding centerpiece anemone wedding bouquet centerpiece flowers vintage china black white wedding menu calligraphy vintage black white gold china elegant wedding menu calligraphy industrial romance wedding inspiration industrial romance wedding inspiration industrial romance wedding bride groom dessert buffet vintage wood table industrial wedding black white stripe dessert buffet wedding decor black white stripe dessert buffet wedding decor bride groom walking down path
Some Details from Carly of Girl Friday, the Styler and Coordinator: Our inspiration came from my favorite black and cream tapers from Five Stripes 
and the home of The Vintage Type–a historic hardwood milling warehouse on Mississippi River bluffs.  The umbrella installation was created for this shoot.  Diane, owner of The Vintage Type, painted the umbrella ceilings with gold spray paint,
punched holes with grommets and threaded through a cord with a bare Edison bulb.  It is a rentable installation.

Photography: Zlata, Zlata Modeen Photography | Styling and Coordination: Carly, Girl Friday and Diane, The Vintage Type  | Vintage Rentals: Diane, The Vintage Type | Floral Design: Katie, Zook Floral Design  | Graphic Design: Diane, The Vintage Type | Calligraphy: Rosann, Rosann Konieczny Calligrapher | Hair and Makeup: Julie, Kate, Melanie, Julie Swenson Beauty | Wedding Dress: Lulu Kate from Bella Bridesmaid | Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid | Veil: Something Borrowed Bride | Lingerie: Flirt Boutique

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