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JCrew Wedding Spring Collection

25 Jan

J.Crew is known for their classic designs.  Their wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses have simple silhouettes and pretty details.  Here are a few of the wedding dresses from the J.Crew Spring collection and also some of the bridesmaid dresses.  Since the designs are so classic, the bridesmaid dresses are equally wonderful for guests and partygoers.

jcrew wedding dress jcrew rosebloom chiffon silk organza short wedding dress jcrew wedding gown jcrew wedding dress spring collection pink jcrew bridesmaid dresses different styles solid pattern jcrew bridesmaid dresses jcrew blue bridesmaid dresses in different styles jcrew bridesmaid dresses navy blue dot solid short long

My favorite wedding dress is the first one.  I adore the A-line silhouette, cap sleeves and subtle dot print of the fabric.  Which dress if your favorite?

Images: J.Crew

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

4 Jan

There are so many fabulous options for bridesmaid dresses now!  From the traditional matching dresses all in the same color to unique, mismatched dresses, brides can plan together with their bridesmaids to choose which combination best fits the style of their wedding and their tastes.  Whether your fashion sense is anywhere from classic to whimsical, the possibilities for chic bridesmaid dresses are endless.

1. Matching
This is the most traditional option.  All of the bridesmaids decide on the same style and color for their dresses.  If the bridesmaids have different body types, A-line dresses flatter all figures.

aqua blue and cream anthropologie bridesmaid dresses pretty pink long bridesmaid dresses colorful one shoulder print long bridesmaid dresses

2. Different Styles in the Same Color
This option can still be classic yet ideal for bridesmaids with different body types and styles.  The bride and bridesmaids can all agree on one color for the bridesmaid dresses yet each individual dress can reflect the bridesmaid’s own personality and fashion sense.

smp_montana-wedding-by-cluney-photogws_new-jersey-vineyard-wedding-kirby-matt smp_fort-worth-wedding-from-ryan-ray-candlelight-films

3. Different Styles in the Same Color Palette
Bridesmaid dresses in the same color palette and different styles allows your bridesmaids more freedom.  Since the dresses don’t all need to be the exact same color, they can easily be purchased from regular stores rather than bridal shops.  This may allow for a wider range of budgets and the option to select a style that can easily be worn again.  The dresses can be in shades of a single color such as pink or in two or more of your wedding colors such as muted colors.

pink bridesmaid dresses in different stylesmuted bridesmaid dresses in different colors and styles neutral mismatched bridesmaid dresses

4. Different Colors in the Same Style
All of the bridesmaids can agree on one style yet personalize the dress by choosing a color that coordinates with your wedding.  The dresses can be shades of one color (for example ranging from the palest sky blue to the deepest navy blue), two colors or a colorful assortment.

pastel bridesmaid dresses in different colors but same stylepastel bridesmaid dresses in different colors

5. Mix and Match Separates
Instead of a dress, your bridesmaids can choose from tops and skirts.

lace and sparkly sequin bridesmaid dresses mix and match separates

6. Mix of Solids and Prints
A combination of solids and prints can be casual or formal depending on the color, style and pattern of the dresses.  This option also allows your bridesmaids fashion sense and personality to shine through.  The dresses don’t need to match but be sure to make sure they coordinate well together.

pink and green floral print and solid bridesmaid dresses aqua blue and orange flower print and solid bridesmaid dresses

7. Different Styles and Colors
This option allows your bridesmaids a lot of freedom.  Make sure to agree on some elements to pull the whole look together.  It’s important the look is somehow unified and cohesive.

gws_vintage-cali-barn-wedding-jasmine-corey smp_shannennorman

Which idea is your favorite?  Which of these options for bridesmaids’ dresses did or will you choose for your wedding, and why?

Images: 1. Jack and Necia of The Collective Photographers via Green Wedding Shoes | 2. Ali Harper Photography via Style Me Pretty | 3. Ryan Ray via Style Me Pretty | 4. Cluney Photo via Style Me Pretty | 5. Pat Furey Photography via Green Wedding Shoes | 6. Ryan Ray via Style Me Pretty | 7. Jill Thomas via The Sweetest Occasion | 8 and 9. Jason and Anna Photography via Love and Lavender | 10. A Bryan Photo | 11. Trent Bailey Photography via Style Me Pretty | 12. Anita Martin Photography via Style Me Pretty | 13. Jarvie Digital Photography | 14. Ryan Ray via Grey Likes Weddings | 15. Matthew Morgan Photography via Green Wedding Shoes | 16. Skyla Walton via Green Wedding Shoes | 17. Shannen Norman Photography via Style Me Pretty

BHLDN Wedding Collection: Shoes and Accessories

10 Nov bhldn jewelry and accessories

The BHLDN wedding line by Anthropologie offers unique, vintage-inspired jewelry, headpieces, shoes, clutches and other accessories.  Here is just a sample of these beauties!

bhldn shoes and braceltbhldn clutch and earringsbhldn earrings and headpiecebhldn necklace and shoesbhldn necklacebhldn shoes and headpicebhldn accessoriesbhldn bracelet and headpiceBHLDN accessoriesbhldn headpiece and purple bow shoesbhldn earrings and bow clutch

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