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18 Aug

When I first heard of this up and coming photographer, I was delighted to discover a budding new talent based in the Rochester, MN area.  I admire her passion for photography and approach to viewing a career as a journey and finding a job you love.  Taryn is a great example of do what you love, love what you do.  Keep reading to find out more about Taryn Christine Photography, and be sure to check out her newly designed website with more photos and information about her couples and wedding photography!

taryn christine talmo photography

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a currently a creator of the photographic variety. I’m a born and raised Minnesota girl with a heart for worldly exploration and dream of simple living. I grew up here fascinated by the fields, lakes and woods, and I continued my study of the natural world through a degree in Biology. After years spent in the medical research world, I decided to switch gears and live on the side of creativity, capturing beauty wherever it appears. And I’m loving it pretty hard.

2. Outside of photography, what are your hobbies and interests?
The bulk of my resume reflects some health, science or other left-brain interests and activities; however, I’m an equalist when it comes to my brain hemispheres. More than scientific exploration, things hot on my list of favorites are: yoga, playing guitar, traveling, any and all water activities, foreign films, the Indie Folk music scene, anything from West Elm, and overpriced tea.

beach lake engagement photo country cowboy engagement session

3. When did you get started in the photography industry?
I made my official break into the photography industry in September 2012. I did freelance photography for about 3 years prior to that and ‘for the art of it’ photography during the in-between times.

4. What or who got you started in photography?
There were 3 things, really. My parents instilled the idea of quality photography at an early age, being skilled themselves with film. My second wave of interest came from a dear and talented designer friend Danielle (the beauty and brains behind banana mustache), who brought me along on photo safaris in our college years. My third wave came a few years ago when a true artist recognized me as a fellow artist in photography, and it changed everything. It was then that I realized that making a living behind the camera was a possibility. It was the combination of these—quality teachings, creative exploration and artistry—that set the foundation for my pursuit in the photo world.

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5. How would you describe your style of photography?
I consider myself a “photo-biographer”—one who tells a story in images. I work hard to understand the people I photograph, their styles and favorites, and build personalized sessions. I tend to appreciate lifestyle photography and I employ more of a photojournalistic style when shooting (less posed, more candid). I have found that once people are in settings that make them feel comfortable, the emotion naturally follows and it’s time to just have fun. In the editing phase I use very light, blended, and colorful techniques, so the end result is a little me and a lot of the natural you.

6. What types of photography do you offer?
I currently offer portrait sessions for babies, kids, families, seniors and couples and wedding photography and most other photography things in-between (band promos, customized photographic art, card design, etc.).

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7. I noticed on your website you have beautiful photos taken throughout Europe. When did you travel internationally, and where did you visit?
In spring of 2012 I made a bold decision to leave a great job in research to fulfill a dream of traveling and living in Europe. I caught the travel bug after studying abroad in Ireland, and I always intended to return. This time, I came back with art in mind.

We started in Italy for 3 weeks for some coastal Mediterranean life. Then we headed up to the mountains of Switzerland and to the lights of Paris before settling in Provence, France for several more weeks. We finished off the journey with a circle around Ireland, eventually making it back across the pond fully inspired.

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Big Sur in California found its way to my top 10 list earlier this year. In 2 weeks I’ll be delighted to experience (and photograph) it all and then start planning the next adventure. Quebec is likely next in line. And after that? My ideal place of travel is anywhere I have not yet been.

country farm engagement session photo horsecowboy farm horse engagement session photo

9. How did you develop your knowledge of photography?
I gained most of my photography knowledge through self-teaching (books, tutorials, practice and lots of trial and error). I have also assisted some wonderfully talented professionals; the experience gained from these local photographers has been invaluable. More than just knowing how to shoot well, in my own style and fashion, I have learned a great deal by simply listening to what people want in their photography. People don’t appreciate additional fees to get digital images, and they don’t want to be cornered into overpriced printing. So, I’ve worked hard to think of ways to provide a better photography service. What I have learned is that photography isn’t just about making great images; it’s also about understanding people and providing a high-quality comprehensive service.

10. How did you become interested in wedding photography?
What I love about photography is capturing the story of the subject. It took me a while to see weddings are just that: a meticulously planned celebration to share the story of two people. It was a natural progression from my fundamental interest in portraits, and it’s an exciting new side of photography I’m thrilled to grow into.

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11. What type of camera(s) do you shoot with?
I shoot with Canon SLRs (5D and 60D) and the occasional Polaroid or “vintage” 35mm. I also have a good 10 lbs of lenses, flashes, and supporting gear to add to the professional photography equipment list.

12. Do you shoot by yourself or with an assistant?
If the photography session requires me to be in two places at once for the right shot (most weddings, for example) I seek collaboration with some established photographer friends. I am also a big supporter of education in arts, and I occasionally bring along a High School student to practice skills we work on in our photography mentorship program.

country cowboy boots engagement sessioncouple walking road country corn

13. Is your photography business currently located in Rochester or what area?
Taryn Christine Photography is currently based in Rochester, MN, but as a lover of the travel life I have a wide scope of places that I’m willing to go.

14. What is the best part about your job?
The best part about my job is that I find it to be the best job. My recent adventures in 2012 left me with a very colorful reminder: that days move too quickly to not spend them doing what you love. So now that I’m settled back in ‘sota soil, I’m remembering to live my passion and carry out my photography as though it’s the best part of my day.

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15. What inspires you?
From a very dynamic array of inspiration, I’ll start by saying fresh things—fresh ideas, fresh faces, places and cultures. I hope to never lose sight of the inspiration that can come from the new and unique.

Natural environments and elements are another big source of inspiration. Sunset colors in the fields, light on the water, you in your favorite place—these are the kinds of things that motivate me to reach for my camera and document the beautiful comfort of it all. It’s the purest definition I can think of for “capturing people in their element”.

“You” are also great source of inspiration. Before photo sessions I ask people to describe themselves and their style. What I’m looking is what makes everyone an individual and how to personalize the photography. My motivation then becomes capturing the essence of “you” and showing that beauty.

16. Your photography business is new and continuing to evolve. What changes can we expect to see?
Taryn Christine Photography itself is brand new (literally—there’s a new brand name) as of August 1, 2013! The photography business has grown considerably over the last year as Mnemo’s Eye Photography, and I along with it. These changes with the new site, blog, business name and premises help reflect that growth. And I couldn’t be happier with it!

I generally thrive in a world of change, so I would expect Taryn Christine Photography to stay equally dynamic. Some big items in the works are: 1) explorations in film and fine art photography, 2) expanding the wedding side of photography and 3) round two of High School mentorship opportunities for the class of 2014. Be sure to stop by tarynchristinephotography.com to check it out!

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Fairy Tale in the Woods Inspiration Shoot

7 Aug

Talk about creativity! This Fairy Tale in the Woods inspiration is whimsical and unique from beginning to end. A talented group of Minnesota based vendors collaborated to create this rustic elegance wedding inspiration. Keep scrolling for a deep blue Tara Latour wedding dress, enchanting decor and details, a delightful dessert buffet by Cocoa & Fig and a surprise engagement story.

cocoa fig dessert wedding buffet blue green

chapel in the woods wedding mn

blue gold wedding invitations

surprise engagement proposal

surprise engagement proposal

surprise engagement proposal

unique whimsical blue wedding dress

chapel in the woods wedding orono mn

leaf wedding hair accessory romantic messy updo

tara la tour romantic wedding dress

green red blue wedding bouquet orchidgreen red blue fall wedding bouquet

unique tara latour wedding dress

whimsical romantic wedding dress

autumn fall wedding bouquet

orchid berry wedding boutonniere

once upon twig letters fairy tale wedding

once upon twig letters fairytale wedding inspiration

rustic elegance wedding inspiration

vintage blue gold wedding inspiration

orchid berry wedding centerpiece blue green red

whimsical rustic wedding menu

rustic elegant fairy tale wedding inspiration

book table number numbers wedding

stacked book wedding centerpiece

cocoa fig wedding dessert buffet

blue blueberry wedding dessert buffet

whimsical elegant wedding buffet

blue white cake pops dessert buffet

blueberry mini tart dessert wedding buffet

ruffle button wedding cake embellishment blue gold

ruffle button wedding cake blue gold

This is the second collaboration with most of the vendors listed and provides an outlet for showcasing our best designs and creativity. Not only was this truly a stunning collaboration of some of the best, as well as lesser known, talent in the Twin Cities, there is an engagement story to go with it.

When it came time to recruit models for our shoot, Molly contacted her childhood friend, Brian, and asked if him and his girlfriend, Jay, would be available and interested in the opportunity. As fate would have it, Brian shared with her that he had just finished a custom designed ring and was planning to propose to Jay, but needed to creative way to do so. It was meant to be.

So on one of the most beautiful Fall days we could have asked for and just as we were getting ready to start shooting, Molly realized that our bride didn’t have a ring! — “Does anyone have a ring we can use?!,” She panicked — my acting was mediocre at best, but it worked. “I have one,” Brian chimed in and got down on one knee. The rest is history; however, thoroughly documented. Jay and Brian were married in Stillwater on July 13, 2012. Truly a unique engagement story!

Photography: Jenny Bedard Photography | Floral Designer: Studio Emme | Dress Designer: Tara Latour | Cake Designer: Cocoa & Fig | Makeup Artist: Smart and Chic Bride | Jewelry: Retrospect Jewelry Designs | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Heimie’s Haberdashery | Event Venue: The Woods Chapel | Etsy Designer: Nelle Handbags | Paper Props: Tam Dandy

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