Chester Woods Engagement Session by Unique Touch

3 May

How adorable is this sweet, fun-loving couple?!  The couple and their photographer, Unique Touch Photography, headed to Chester Woods Park in Rochester for their sunset engagement session.  They envisioned an outdoor wine-themed summer session by the water to reflect their upcoming nuptials.  Sarah and Dave even included their Great Dane named Zoe!  Keep scrolling for Sarah’s romantic and comical story of how Dave proposed.

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From Sarah:
I met Dave in college at the University of Missouri, and I knew right away he was the one. After I graduated, we had a long distance relationship while he finished his business degree and I started my first year of law school. Although it was hard to be apart, we ended that year stronger than ever. Dave eventually left his friends and family in St. Louis and moved to Des Moines so we could be together. What a sweetie!

Dave and I got engaged in December of 2011. He knew he wanted to propose for a while, but wanted it to be a complete surprise. After asking permission from my parents and hiding the ring in a shoebox under the bed for MONTHS, he finally had a good cover story. I had just finished finals, and Dave had repeatedly said he wanted to take me out for a celebratory dinner. We went to my favorite restaurant, and when we returned home, I walked inside to find it filled with candles and roses. As I turned around, Dave was on one knee, proposing. After I said yes, Dave called our 140 lb. Great Dane over. She had the ring box carefully taped to her collar! However Dave, being very nervous about the ring, overdid it a little on the duct tape. Twenty minutes and multiple layers of tape later, I had the world’s most beautiful ring on my finger. We will be getting married on July 20, 2013 at the Nicollet Island Pavilion, in Minneapolis.

Engagement Session
We knew we wanted our engagement session to reflect our wedding—an outdoor, wine themed, summer session by the water. Our fantastic photographers, Unique Touch, took all of us (even Zoe the Great Dane) to Chester Woods for our fun, sunset engagement session.

Photography: Unique Touch Photography


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